So, who am I? What do I do with my life?

In short

I am a junior UX designer with a background in film research and creative & data-driven marketing. Highly logical, very intuitive and deeply caring.

But the story is much longer.

As someone serious about these big questions since young, I’ve had major existential crises - until 2022 when UX came to my life and it all started to make sense.

So how did I get here?

My 5th birthday

“I want to be a nurse.”

I was 5 when I announced my career choices for the first time.

I want to experience it all!

But the answer was totally random.

As a child I couldn’t decide on that one thing for me.

I wanted to be a chef, a hostess of TV shows, a hairdresser and more. To experience it all excites me.

Curiosity about different experiences



MA Film Studies

I came to the UK in 2017 and completed two masters degrees in film after finishing an English BA in China.

This was when I realised I loved dealing with complexity where the conceptual, textual and historical meet.

One big theme that fascinated me was periods of major shifts, so I could imagine how things are experienced differently.

Research into complexity


I like Buster Keaton over Charlie Chaplin. You?

Research focus: mediated experience

What is it like to be among the first cinema audience, shocked at the incoming train?

The invention of cinema as reflection of the drastically changed perception of time and space brought by industrialisation.

And the comeback of the raw senses in recent years (think The Super Mario Bros Movie 2023).

A PhD?

Although I thoroughly enjoyed researching, I decided not to pursue a PhD degree just yet as I felt my real passion didn’t lie in film itself.

Passion for the experience itself (in hindsight)

Apr 2020- Sep 2020

Creative Marketing

When I was crafting the weekly editorial for a film distribution company, the creative side of me further awakened, this time through visual design.

Visual design

Engaging writing

Stakeholder management


Jewellery making

Started off during the pandemic as a hobby, jewellery making channels my teeming creative instincts to tangible shapes.

With inspirations from nature, travel or life revelations, my jewellery evolved with me and reaffirmed my decision to pursue a creative path.


As seen in my friend's wedding


Performance marketing

My last job involved leveraging data and increasing efficiency of ad spend at a tech-powered  performance marketing company.

I was introduced to a more scientific approach to work. However, as much as I embraced the test-and-learn culture and efficient workflow, there’s something missing.

I only found myself most fulfilled when finishing building a reporting system from scratch. Creating is what I enjoyed the most. Ideally connected to a bigger purpose.

Data-driven decision making

AB testing

Client management



A lot happened here

2022 was a year when tons of self-exploration and alignment happened, including frequent changes of hair colours, reflection on gender expression through voguing (a dance genre), and my spiritual awakening.

The last one is extremely important as I found courage from within and firmly followed my intuition to sign up for a UX bootcamp.

Empathetic spiritual readings

Insights into drives behind behaviours

Let's hug trees - they are wise!

Oct 2022-Jan 2023

General Assembly

UX Design Immersive course

The 3-month UX Design Immersive course at General Assembly was life-affirming.

UX speaks to every aspect of me!

My biggest interests and strength: research and design.

My natural approach: scientific rigour combined with creative intuition.

My enduring fascination since childhood: experience and how it mediates inner drives to shape external realities.

My quest for bigger meanings and future-centric outlook. Hence the tech industry.

Key lessons: teamwork

Beyond design skills and thinking, I discovered the magic of team work, where trust and support enabled us to achieve something greater.

UX design

UI design

Client management


Having felt lost, worn-out and apprehensive and seeing others with the same struggles, I wish to use my designs to nourish and inspire people.

How exactly will I achieve this goal? I am excited to figure that out in the next chapter of my journey!